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  • Wedding Speech

    In any speaking engagement, one of the most important factor (and the most neglected, too) is the audience. People are so worried about the speech itself that they tend to forget the real factor that will affect the whole execution of the ...

  • Personalized Wedding Vows

    Your wedding is your own. And in today’s society, people have been constantly scouring every book for any way to make their wedding as personal and as unique as possible. One way to do this is to whip up your own wedding vows. Traditionally, ...

  • Wedding Crashers

    In every occasion, there is an invitation. In every invitation, there is an invited guest. However, for every party, there is bound to be a party crasher. Take for example in wedding celebrations. For so many years now, there are people who come ...


Hi! I’m Kara Brodgesell, the photographer who runs Kara Jean Weddings, which is dedicated to the thoughtful, artistic and beautiful documentation of weddings.

It’s an honor and a pleasure to be part of a wedding and I’m so thrilled to be the person who records your day so that you can concentrate on enjoying it with your partner, friends and family.

It’s important to me to communicate with couples so that the pictures reflect your personalities and quirks of your event. And I love to photograph it all- from new rings to old friendships, stolen peeks from the flower girls, the late-night taco truck, the handwritten place-cards, the shoes worn for the ceremony and the flip flops for after. The formal portraits and the moments in between- all of the things that make your day unique and unforgettable. I will be right out there with you on the dance floor, making sure that I don’t miss the dip of your first dance or Grandma getting down.

This love for photography started with my first photo class in high school and continued through majoring in it at Wesleyan University, working for photographers in New York City, and moving across the country to shoot in San Francisco!

I’ve had the great joy of photographing weddings in variety of locations- from a ranch in Petaluma to New York City’s biggest synagogue to Copenhagen’s City Hall- and each event is so special because of how it reflects a couple’s individuality and love. I look forward to each celebration and amazing people I get to meet through this wonderful job.