When some of your nearest and dearest get married, a meaningful wedding gift is the perfect way to celebrate their momentous and happy day.

However, it can be notoriously difficult to find a unique and personal gift for the special couple that sums up their big day and their own personalities. You have to take in a number of factors, including how well you know the couple, what their tastes are, and how practical it is.

As a result, many guests fall back on the same traditional ideas. So, you’re probably wondering, how is a flowercard any different?

Here, we’ve found 3 reasons why a flowercard makes the perfect wedding gift.

You can personalise it

Flowercards are perfect as wedding gifts because you can personalise them however you see fit for the happy couple.

They offer the chance to express your feelings and advice for the newlyweds, with most flowercard providers allowing you to write your own personal messages on the card as well as any special names and dates to give you a unique and meaningful gift.

Speaking to Flowercard, a leading online retailer of flowercards and other floral gifts, they said: “Our customers love our flowercards the most out of all our products. The chance to customise a gift to make it really special really resonates with people, and our wedding range is extremely popular.”

You can also choose the blooms you send, which can carry a much more subtle personal message. Stemming from the Victorian era, certain flowers have specific meanings so doing your research into the flowercard you pick can add an even more thoughtful touch.

Re-inventing the classic

Flowers are still one of the most popular gifts to give to loved ones, with the UK cut flower industry worth around £2.2bn at retail value. This just goes to show that whilst many of us might bemoan receiving flowers as the main choice of gift, most of us secretly love being gifted with some special blossoms.

The flowercard is a way to give the gift of flowers but in a more unique way. You can send a beautiful floral arrangement in a greetings card, as a ‘cake’ or even in a teacup, which gives a more subtle twist on the classic.

This will no doubt bring a smile to the happy couple, and make your gift stand out.

Incorporate the wedding themes

Whilst this may require a bit more forward thinking and tying in with the newlyweds to be, you can even incorporate the themes of the wedding celebrations into the flowercard.

Many flowercards are arranged according to certain themes, such as ‘elegant’, ‘vintage’, and ‘contemporary’. This means you can tie your wedding gift into the wider vibe of the wedding, whether it’s a classic wedding or a more modern take on the nuptials.

If it’s not possible to link into the wedding themes in advance, try linking your flowercard to the wider personalities of the couple.