We know just how stressful planning a wedding can be, and that’s before you add in all the small details.

However, if you’re having an outdoor wedding, those small details can sometimes make the difference between a spectacular day or a bit of a wash-out.

Although an outdoor wedding can be the perfect way to say ‘I do’ to the one you love, offering some beautiful scenery and rustic charm, it also lends itself to a lot more difficulties than an indoor wedding, meaning you need to stay on top of the little things.

Whether that’s predicting the weather or controlling the local insect population, there’s more legwork required for an alfresco occasion.

And, understandably, toilets are probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to organising your day. However, here we explain how these can make a great addition to your celebrations.

Tie In With Your Wedding Theme

Now, accessorising your toilets to tie in with your wedding vision may not be something you ever considered, but this a great way to provide the necessities without losing your overall vibe.

Many companies now offer a range of luxury toilets that can encompass different wedding styles, ensuring your celebrations aren’t undermined by ungainly toilet blocks. This can include different lighting to match your colour scheme and music, which could be a mixtape made by the couple.

We spoke to Event Washrooms who said: “We offer luxury portable toilets which are perfect for outdoor weddings. The ranges available encompass different moods so, whatever the vibe of your wedding, you’ll find a facility to match it to a tee.”

You can also go that one step further and add your own decorations. If you’re going for a classic feeling, you can add a red carpet leading to the restroom. For a more rustic theme, consider covering it with draping plants and leaves.

Making Your Guests Feel Special

Although no-one likes to talk about it, we all have our needs and want them to be taken care of in the best way.

This is no different during a special event, and possibly even more so at a wedding when the drinks might be flowing.

If you have guests that have travelled a long distance to see you wed, a luxury experience can go some way to show your appreciation.

It also makes sense from a logistical perspective. If you’re far from indoor facilities, making your old granny walk miles every time she needs the loo might stop her from enjoying the rest of the day.

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Make Your Day Stand Out (For The Right Reasons)

When your guests leave, you want them to be remembering your day for weeks to come, but not for the wrong reasons. You don’t want your celebrations to be ruined by bad smells and long queues, or by a long trek back and forth to use the facilities, especially after spending so much time creating your perfect day.

And, because providing toilets is often overlooked for weddings, you’ll most definitely be standing out from the crowd by giving your guests some facilities, especially if those facilities are glammed-up luxury toilets.

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