Creating your own wedding favors for your big day is always a nice touch and lets your guests know that real love and care have gone into every aspect of the day and it also lets them know how much you appreciate them attending.

One particularly popular option at the moment is to make your own cones filled with retro sweets from years gone by for your guests to take home and enjoy.

Best of all, they can be prepared by yourself at home too, so here’s a quick guide to how to make these quirky and delicious treats for your wedding guests to remember your day by.

What you’ll need:

  • Clear cellophane cone shaped bags
  • Small tags
  • Ribbon
  • Sweets

What to Do:

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide exactly what kind of sweets you want and this is the fun part!

The decision is entirely up to you, but it’s nice to include a real variety so that there’s something for everyone.

Most people choose lots of smaller sweets which they can then layer up. Most people will simply need to think back to their childhood and think of all the treats you used to love from the corner shop, but if you need a little bit of inspiration, be sure to head to Retro-Sweet!

You’ll then need to buy a clear, cone-shaped bag to put the sweets in. You can get them in all kinds of sizes and you can also get ones custom printed with the name of the bride and groom or another personalized message on them if you wish.

Some couples choose to use an actual ice cream cone to hold the sweets in too, so they can be eaten just like a real ice cream!

If you do use an ice cream cone, this can also be decorated with colored sugar or icing sugar if you want. (This post from Delish has some amazing ideas for how you can customise a humble ice cream cone).

To finish, simply write out the name of the guest on the tag and attach it to the top of the bag with a ribbon in the color of your choosing, ideally matching with the color scheme for the rest of the wedding.

An alternative option is to set up a pick and mix bar and allow your guests to fill up their cones with whatever they want, so you’re sure to keep everybody happy!

No matter what you choose to fill them with, retro sweet cones are sure to go down a storm on your big day and take everyone back to the carefree days of their childhoods.

If you’re stuck for ideas on what kinds of sugary treats to include in your favors, just check out this list from The Telegraph listing some of the UK’s favorites through the years.


And for some inspiration on what other people have done, including some amazingly beautiful and creative examples, head over to Pinterest!